When your Hair Needs Help

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Our hair reflects very accurately our health. Various signals for problems with it are indicators for disorders in our general health. Timely measures can help to control such a crisis and the organism to get back to its normal functions.

Problem №1: splitting hair
If your regularly cut your hair (every 3-4 weeks), you are careful with the hairdryer, and yet your hair gets to look like straw, think about your diet – you have to eat more fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, vegetable fats, and especially drink water. Forget about fried, spicy and fat food (including the one prepared in fast food restaurants).
Advice: Spread on your hair olive oil, castor or almond oil, then cover it with a towel. In 1 hour, wash it and spread a yolk and yoghurt on your hair. Finally, rinse your hair with a decoction of chamomile or lime blossom. You can repeat the procedure 1-2 times per week, until the situation gets normal.
Problem №2: tearing hair
This often is a signal for guts problem. Try to strengthen your hair with the help of freely available tools, but if there is no improvement, seek for the help of a specialist.
Advice: you must eat more yoghurt. Make a mask with aloe, honey and castor oil (1 tablespoon of each), 1 yolk and 1 teaspoon of cognac. The mask has to stay on the hair for an hour. It is best to make 6 procedures in a raw – one per week.
Problem №3: “unsmoothhair
This suggests insufficient smoothness of hair, as well as burning of pigments (natural or artificial). The main reason for the unhealthy look of the hair is low hemoglobin. Women generally suffer more often from iron deficiency or anemia, as they lose iron during their monthly cycle.
Advice: you need more Vitamin Н that is hard to find in nature and that is why one has to take products containing this Vitamin. Feed your body by eating more almonds, avocado, dairy, pumpkin seeds. Remember and zinc – thinning hair proves its lack. Compensate with more seafood. Eat more cereals, beans, eggs and milk, black bread.
Check your hemoglobin and eat more products containing iron – pomegranate, meat, red wine.
Problem №4: electrifying hair
When temperatures raise, the hair often electrifies. If it is raining outside, it “hangs”. The reason for this usually is increased porosity of the hair roots.
Advice: Rinse your hair with chilled or sparkling mineral water that tones well the skin of the head and has a natural micro massage effect by stimulating the blood circulation.
Problem №5: dry hair
It as well as the dry skin is a sign for problems with the excretory system. It is possible that you suffer the lack of Vitamins А, В, С and proteins.
Advice: Use shampoos and hair masks containing bamboo extract for example. They strengthen and feed the thin and damaged hair and give it additional volume.
Problem №6: hair loss
No room for panic. Try to analyze its condition for the last 6 months. If you have just given birth or for any other reason, you aborted your pregnancy, don’t worry. Hair loss often is due to endocrine disorders. Such changes in the organism provoke misbalances in the male and female hormones, and this influences the hair.
Advice: Wait. In 2-3 months, the condition of your hair should improve. If there is no change, analyze your blood. Hair loss can be a sign of diabetes mellitus. Stress, chronic constipation and cervical osteochondrosis are also causes of hair loss. You must take more cellulose, water and practice more sport.

Problem №7: dandruff
Be careful about your stomach and guts – dandruff is sometimes evidence of problems with the colon or slow metabolism. Rarely, it can be the result of an allergy.
Advice: Feed right. Avoid sugar, salt, coffee, and carbonated drinks. Medications will help the functioning of the liver and pancreas and thus should improve the condition of your hair.
The usage of a special healing anti-dandruff shampoo may be suitable, especially if it contains the substance Ketoconazole (2%).
Problem №8: hair turns gray and baldness on the crown appears
If this trend is not related to your age or genetic predisposition, perhaps it is a problem with the pancreas and thyroid. Or there is a problem related to hormone dysfunction.
Advice: Eat less salt and acidic foods, do not overwork, and avoid stress.
Problem №9: suddenly blond hair gets darker
You have to consult a specialist. The darkening of the hair may be a signal for problems with the liver or gallbladder – difficult drain bile from the liver into the intestine contributes to falling levels of coloring pigments contained in it. The blood spreads the pigments to the roots of the hair and it gets darker.
Advice: Give up fried food, carbonated drinks and ice cream.
It is proved that the hair is thickest around 30 years of age. From 30 to 50 years, its quantity sharply (with some people gradually) decreases and after that, it remains unchanged.


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