What is the shape of your face?


For your convenience, we will explain the characteristics of each type of face, so that you can easily determine which one belongs to you.

According to fashion consultants there are seven basic face shapes – diamond, heart, turned heart, oval, full, square or rectangular. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Face with diamond shape

That means your face is wider in its middle part on account of the forehead and chin. In this case it is important to draw attention exactly on these parts and to visually make them wider. If you wear glasses – choose frames with heavy colorful handles and wider than your upper part of the face. Almost all hairstyles are suitable to your face. You can illustrate this by pictures of famous ladies like Sophia Loren, Linda Evangelista and Katherine Hepburn – all with a diamond shaped face.

Face with heart shape

Your face is with wide forehead and narrow, delicate chin. Your hairstyle should be to the chin level or longer. Also suitable are side part haircuts and bangs. The hair can be straight, wavy or curly. With heart shape face are known women like Naomi Campbell, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashley Judd, Claudia Schiffer. You probably guess what options gives this face shape.


Face with turned heart shape

Here the chin area is wider than this at forehead. In this case you have to add volume to the upper part of the face. Short and voluminous hairstyles are a  perfect compensation for the narrow forehead. But be careful with the height of your hairstyle. Avoid hairstyles that accent on the chin line.

The actress Katie Ireland is an example of this face shape.

Face with oval shape

Image:©Vladimir Voronin/Fotolia

This face has perfect proportions. It gets lightly narrow to the chin and lightly oval to the forehead’s line at the hair. You have no worries about what hairstyle to make. Be free to experiment! Draw inspiration from Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford – brilliant women, all with oval shaped faces.

Face with round shape

These individuals are symmetrical in terms of width and length. Round at the chin, cheeks and hairline. What you should certainly avoid is a hairstyle in round shape and length to the skull. Choose haircuts to lengthen, not to extend the silhouette.

All rightly admire Ingrid Bergman, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore and nobody notices what the shape of their faces is.

Square face shape

The strong, square jaw is characteristic of this type of face. Usually it is as broad as it is long and usually has straight line of hair. Do not cut your hair short. Let it be with medium length or long. The goal is to soften your face shape and soften the features.
The actresses Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore have this face shape.

Image:©George Mayer/Fotolia

  Oblong (rectangular) face

Delicate and longer, uniform in width both at the forehead and chin. Better avoid long and straight hair that will add additional length. Stop on average longer or shorter styles that give more volume. It is recommended a side road haircut.
An example of a woman with this face shape is Gwyneth Paltrow.



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