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Every woman tries to have a beautiful hairstyle by all means. It is very hard to give volume to the hair in the cold winter months. Here are some tricks to deal with the situation.

1. Optical illusion. In order for the hair to look more voluminous, it has to be dyed in a few tones. The single color should be avoided. Strands in various tones will create the illusion for more volume.

2. Shop purposefully. There is a great variety of volume products on the shops’ shelves. However, not everything is suitable for you. The hair foam often aggravates the hair, and that is why it is better to buy styling products in the form of spray – they are light and hold the hairstyle for a long time.

3. Hair-dryer – it is impossible without it to acquire the desired volume. After each washing we give life to our hair with its help. Important – direct the flow in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Never switch it on maximum heat. Alternate hot and cold air. And with the diffuser you can lift hair at the roots, or to ruffle in casual curls. For this aim, use special spray for curls or a liquid hair product. Hold a big wet strand, spray it with spray and mash it in your palm, then press it with the diffuser and alternate warm and cold air without leaving it, but move slightly the diffuser at the roots for more volume.

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4. Wired rollers. You can use adhesive rollers for high volume, curl your hair, spray slightly with hairspray and allow it to dry, or dry them with a hairdryer. The hair shouldn’t be very wet, but slightly dampened. After it is completely dry, take off the rollers and your volume is ready.

5. If you are tired of fighting with the stuck hair, maybe it’s time to wave it. There are many types of perm now that may make natural soft curls and with the help of some foam they can be put into order in a few minutes. Use this possibility – curls are always fashionable!

6. Cutting. The haircut can do wonders for the volume of your hair. Make your stylist leave the same length of your hair, but to shorten the upper layers and thin them slightly. Thus, you will acquire a much easier to maintain hairstyle and the volume will not be so hard to achieve.

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