Tips for Grey Roots


Tip 1. Washing. Avoid coloring shampoos which after regular usage may make your hair look with unnatural color. But use deeply nourishing products to soften the hard white hairs. To avoid too greasy roots when you nourish it, pay attention to the products containing vitamin Е and flower oils and herbs. Once a week massage your scalp with nourishing products and wrap your hair with a towel and leave to act for about 5 minutes, then rinse well.

Tip 2. Colors. Rely on a hair color that unites 2 or 3 combinable shades of the main tone to freshen your hair color. Thus white hairs can be easily covered and will not be so visible. Exceptions are only for the red-haired who must avoid shading; they have to choose a color that is close to their natural dye color.

Tip 3. Between your visits to beauty salons, you can maintain your color easily by dying the roots in a tone lighter than the desired one. If you don’t assess the right color and take a darker than you need, there is danger to thoroughly darken your hair, so always choose the lighter hair dye.

Tip 4. Create an illusion. If you could not dye your hair for a long time, then give maximum volume to the roots. Dry your hair from downwards up with a volume product or put rollers for a few minutes when your hair is almost dry.

Tip 5. Do not pull the graying hairs because this leads to unpleasant growth of new ones that are hard to be smoothed.


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