Tips for Greasy Hair

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Tip 1. Wash your hair every day. Greasy hair needs soft shampoos that do not wash the hair too deep because this can make the scalp increase the sebum production.

Tip 2. Choose the proper hairstyle – greasy hair with length longer than the shoulders may look like a bad extension after being divided to strands. Slightly layered hairstyle can help the greasy hair look better. But thick bangs are not recommended because if your hair is greasy it is most probable that your face skin is greasy as well and this will make the haircut unpractical and difficult to maintain.

Tip 3. Do not straighten your hair with press. Do not overuse the hair press because this can additionally make your hair oily. Instead, try to shape your hair with the hair-dryer or only the ends where needed.

Tip 4. Right choice of products. Spray or density products can be your new best friend, especially if they have the function to lightly dry the roots. Avoid shine sprays and hair crèmes as they can additionally oil the hair and scalp. If you have curls, use a light gel to shape them.

Tip 5. Control over the greasy hair. To fight the greasy hair rapidly, spray a dry shampoo and comb your hair. You can also use transparent powder or wipes to freshen up your hair if you are about to go out and do not have time to wash it.

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