The great UNwashing in the name of the cause

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Dirty … but beautiful hair! 

The unwritten fashion laws enjoin in a certain period of her life every woman to forget for a certain appearance. The pony tails type Pippi Longstocking are part of the “black list” for everyone who has passed the high school years. But suddenly appears the crazy journalist from the magazine Wmagazine, tied in two tails with a notebook in hand, who is so committed to the profession, that she decided to take up the dirtiest experiment in her life. Literally.

Krista Di Souza is interested in a recently popularized hit – she checks myth or truth is the claim that the more rarely we wash our hair, the healthier it will be.

This trend “thrives” not only among the laziest students. Her followers are Hollywood stars like Robert Pattinson, Jessica Simpson and Prince Harry! The famous fashion stylist Guido Palau is among “the dependents.” My father washed his hair extremely rare, and today, when he is 85 years old, he has the healthiest hair, that I have seen” says the experienced hairdresser. “I narrowed the use of shampoo to once a month. And no, my hair does not look bad! It is more glamorous and stronger than ever!”

The explanation actually reads: The shampoo deprives the hair of sebum / the greasy substance that releases the scalp in order to deal with the bacteria and excess moisture /. To balance the fat glands secrete too much oil, which leads to the unpleasant greasy look of the hair. To solve the problem, we begin more and more often to wash our hair until the result is too dry, but quickly greasing mane.

In fact, we ourselves are the main actors in the constantly spinning “wheel of chemical products.” In order to exit unscathed, however, is needed a lot of patience that comes in the reduction of the use of any hair care products.

The supposedly magic word “shampoo” comes from the Indian “champo”, which means massage. During the 19th century the English hairdressers start to call with that name a type of treatment of the scalp, which represents massaging.

The basic ingredients of the traditional shampoo used in 1930, are: salt, a detergent / surface active substance that forms a foam upon contact with water and air / surfactant / chemical that allows the fat and water molecules to be mixed /. In the modern version are added a bunch of chemicals that lead to various “magical results”.

But let us get back to Krista Di Souza and her personal experiment. She vows to not wash her hair for six weeks, no matter what it takes. Krista says that on several occasions she was ashamed of her appearance. With the help of hats and different hairstyles our main character hides the dirty look. With the onset of the third week, however, the desire to get in the shower is so strong that she decided to consult a famous hairdresser who to help her. His name was Joseph, and he throws a lot of light into the gloomy test. “Who told you not to wash your hair?! And why not use a hair dryer?”

So Krista is left in the hands of the professional who washes her hair with hot water, while making her a massage. After that for shine he pours vinegar on it. The result: again clean hair without the help of any chemicals, but also without added volume.

The motivated journalist ends her experiment prouder than ever. Several times dissuaded, but nevertheless resisted, she says that her hair actually looks healthier. From here on Krista will limit the use of shampoo, but will in no case be subjected to such an ordeal, although it had effect.

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