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Bangs turned to be the hottest fashion trend in hairstyles lately. Despite the numerous types of bangs, it is very difficult to find the one that will suit you best. The bangs should be chosen according the shape of the face and the type of the hair. That is why you have to pay great attention to the choice of your bangs. For the Spring/Summer season, there are several types of bangs to choose among.

Thick straight bangs

This type of bangs is perfect for oval faces and can hide some imperfections, like a big nose, too wide forehead or to visually broaden a too narrow face. Usually, such bangs are straight and cut in a straight line.

Careless Bangs

The careless bangs is the best solution for those of you who have thick hair or round, oval faces. This bangs is perfect if you want to hide your big forehead or more pronounced chin. The careless bangs goes along with short, middle long and even long hair.




Bangs to one side

This bangs gives style to the hairstyle, and at the same time is easy to maintain. It is suitable for square and oval faces, and perfectly completes the pony-tail hairstyle. The bangs to one side extends the round face. Avoid such bangs if you have long or raised face.

Very short bangs

Short bangs is suitable for people with small and round faces. It harmonizes best with short hair if you have a small forehead, the short bangs will make it look longer. The perfect combination for this bangs is with straight hair.


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