Mistakes We Make about Our Hair

Every woman tries to look unique and fascinating. That is why she makes many efforts and spends lots of money to have hairstyle of high level. Sometimes, in her great strive a woman makes some mistakes about her hair.

How to Make Massage on your Head?

The massage on the head is very good for the dry type of skin on the scalp, dry hair and problems related to dandruff. The normal duration of such a massage is between 10 and 15 minutes. It is recommended to be made before or during the washing of the hair, but not more often than twice a week. Massaging ...

Hair Problems in the Winter and Their Solutions

Under the influence of the cold air, dry wind, fogs and the sun, our hair gets dryer, loses its shine and vitality. More care

A few Tips for Very Beautiful Hair

There are some simple methods that we have to try before stepping towards drastic procedures such as hair transplant – for example the massage that increases the blood circulation around the follicles and thus improves their nourishing.

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