Do you dye your hair?

The highest percentage of the respondents in our survey like sufficiently their natural color   We asked: Do you paint your hair? We were interested to know how many of you like enough what nature has given them. And how many themselves prefer to define their appearance without regard to the opinion ...

Tips for Grey Roots

Tip 1. Washing. Avoid coloring shampoos which after regular usage may make your hair look with unnatural color. But use deeply nourishing products to soften the hard white hairs. To avoid too greasy roots when you nourish it, pay attention to the products containing vitamin Е and flower oils and herbs. ...

Regular Care against Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very unpleasant and quite stressful factor. It is result of stress, lifestyle and some everyday habits. Do not pull your hair When you pull strands when combing your hair you may damage the follicles for a long period of time. Do not rub

Hair Care during the Summer Season

Our hair needs care every day. Every season has its specific characteristics that require relevant special care for the hair. If we have to protect it from the wind and cold in the winter, then in the summer, we need to keep it from the burning sun rays (ultraviolet) and dry wind.

Care for Dyed Hair

No matter what hair dye you use, it surely contains chemicals and under their aggressive influence the hair changes – it becomes drier at the ends and often more greasy in the roots. Additionally, frequent dyeing deprives the hair from its shine and in order to avoid this, you have to take decent ...

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