Shining Hair for the New Year Night


Start with the Cleaning

The hair loses 70 % of its shine due to improper maintenance. The unsuitable shampoo, chlorinated water and bad quality cosmetic tools accumulate in hair flakes.

In order to recover your hair, you will have to clean it deeply. The therapeutic shampoo will penetrate deep into the hair structure and clean it of all the dirt, the mask will nourish it with the substances needed, and the conditioner will smooth its structure. The dying is multiple times more effective after this procedure and color will last much longer.

Choose a shampoo for everyday use with proteins and polymers. These components form a coverage over the hair and make it thicker. When shaping your hair, use hair spray for volume. It will cover your hair with a layer and will protect it from drying.

Shampoos containing silk amino acids will make your hair soft and will recover the damaged hair structure. Lecithin is vital for restoring the hair texture. When shaping your hairstyle, use gels and creams for shine.

Make yourself a massage


The hair loves warmth. The massage on wet hair will improve the blood supply of the scalp and will facilitate the penetrating of nourishing substances to the hair. Make the massage with your finger tips, with circular movements and always toward the neck – from the neck up, from the ears up and back and from the forehead and the temple back. After the massage, apply a mask or conditioner and put on a shower cap for 10-15 min. Rinse the conditioner with warm water.

Make a mask

Recipe for a mask for shiny hair – Muddle strawberries in a bowl and add a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Apply the mixture on your hair for about 20 minutes, and then wash with shampoo.

Add vitamins

The presence of iron in the body is very important for the healthy hair. That is why, you should pay more attention to the fish – it is a natural source of iron. Tuna fish is especially good as it contains huge quantities of the most important substance for the hair – Omega-3.

Dry your hair right

Wrap a towel around your head and twist the end. The towel will absorb the excess water without damaging the hair structure. If your hair is long or with middle length, then stay with the towel for 20-25 minutes, and if your hair is short – 10-15 minutes. After that comb using a comb with wide teeth.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer ionization mode and certainly finish drying in cold mode. This will cool your hair and make it soft and vivid. Be careful! Never dry your hair completely, turn off the hair-dryer when you can still feel the wet when touching your hair. Let your hair further dry in a natural way, this will help it keep the moisture in the hair.

Professional approach

Pay attention to how stylists in the salons work and follow their example.

Before drying, divide your hair into strands, twist the upper ones and pin them. This is how they make it in the professional salons. First, the lower strands are dried, then the pins are taken off one by one and the upper strands are dried. Then apply a fixing agent and then again divide your hair to strands.

This method of drying will allow you to control the condition of the entire hair and step by step you can achieve perfect results. Furthermore, this careful treatment will prevent you from hair loss. When you finish your hairstyle shaping, you will see how light, smooth and brilliant your hair has become.

So what do you need for shiny hair:

1. Warmth – make massages after every washing.
2. Deep cleaning – the procedure is repeated once a month before dying.
3. Lightness – do not overuse fixing agents. It is enough to use gel for the ends and hair spray or foam. Use strong sprays only for very important occasions. Remember to wash away these means from your hair in the evening.
4. Masks – once a week nourish your hair with masks prepared by you at home or ready and bought from a shop.
5. Rinsing – brown and red hair should be rinsed with water with a few spoons of apple vinegar. Vinegar has an impressive softening effect. The blonds can rinse their hair with a decoction of chamomile.



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