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Long, shiny and exceptional hair. If you have it we will offer you several types of stylizations that are suitable for your prom night.  If your hair is not that long, do not worry, there are enough attractive hairstyles that you can do to look stunning. Remember that night happens once in a lifetime, and is worth money and effort to make it memorable.


Soft and romantic curls falling to the neck with short side bangs.


This hairstyle is sophisticated and cherished. Looks flawless and at the same time easy to make. Big curls freely released to the neck, give sophistication, elegance and romance. This kind of hairstyle is suitable for a dress with bare back.


Smoothed, ultra modern hairstyle with bun to the neck


This is a combination of two classic hairstyles that are extremely preferred. In combination with a flower as an accessory woven into the bun, this hairstyle is a hit. Many Hollywood stars appear on the red carpet with it. Went out in vogue years ago, but still retains its reputation until now. It is always up to date at all times. And for a prom hairstyle is one of the most appropriate.


Playful, fun and impressive


If you want to show your beautiful hair, we have a great idea for you. Make sexy curls and let them be scattered carelessly. In advance create a little volume in your hair to prevent the curls from falling and loose the effect. If your bangs is shorter from the hair, this allows you to play with your hair even more. Straighten it up! If you stylize your hair in this way, be sure that you will attract very playful glances at the prom night.

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