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The curly hair is a gift, but only if you take care of it


The everlasting rule is that we always want what we do not have. When our hair is straight, we daily crush her with our hands, sleep with three buns, sprayed with lacquer or curl it using a curling iron, only to have those romantic curls that Shakira has. The dreams of some fortunate however, differ from ours because they are endowed with the coveted hair and simply have to learn to deal with its ​​opinion.


We will introduce you to a few critical rules that come to the aid of even the most unruly curls in order to tame them and to irritate those with straight hair.


To avoid the shaggy look of the hairstyle, do not dry the hair with a hairdryer. Blowing with the hot stream of air further dries and “kills” the natural shine of the hair. Furthermore, it is known that the curly hair is drier than the straight so the presence of the heat treatment is extremely inappropriate.


Reduce the use of the hair straightening device to a minimum. We know that the natural curly-haired have a weakness for straight hairstyles and often reach for this device, but their addiction has an explanation. When the curly hair is straightened, it looks just as healthy and beautiful, but after several treatments the hairs start breaking and the curls look exhausted. Hence the hair “creates the opinion” that it will stick out in all directions and the curly women again turn to the press in order to smooth everything protruding.


After bath wrap your mane in a towel for about 15 minutes and then let it dry on its own. The natural drying is a gift for dry hair.


Another gift for it are the hydrating treatments. Experts recommend the making of home masks once a week for at least an hour. You can make a non-traditional mask or to bet on the good old products such as olive oil and honey.


To put order in your shaggy mane do not comb when your hair is dry. Do it while it is still wet and use a comb with wide teeth.


Although in rainy weather and adverse temperature conditions the hair plunks, we are sure that it remains truly a gift, not a curse. Enjoy yours because you are one of the few born with natural curls.

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