Memoirs of the braid. Part 2

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Today the braid is experiencing its renaissance.


In fact, it has never been out of use, thanks to its convenience and simplicity. Recently, some of the biggest names in the world of fashion rediscover the grace of the noble hairstyle by “decorating” the hair of their models with different variations of the braid.


Innovative style type “medieval princess” romantic “crown” around the whole scalp, a zigzag French braid, or a disheveled bohemian style braid – all of these styles appear on different fashion shows and do not cease to win cheers and admiration.


From the catwalk, the braid directly attacks the everyday life of every woman. Increasingly we see women with hair entangled in the variety of options. Fishbone, ponytail – braid, African braids, twisted or zigzag braid, a braid of five strands or a casual messy braid… These are just a fraction of all the ways that you could make your hair just like a real princess.


Over the last decades, the African braids have become widely spread around the world. Yes, those ones which we love to make when we are on a summer vacation and through which our hair dries more easily. Their real purpose, however, is quite different.


As we know, by nature, the inhabitants of the warm continent have curly hair, extremely difficult to treat and maintain. The only salvation of such rebellious and finely curled hair, at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, is for it to be tied up with a number of small, thin pendants, often decorated with beads and other elements. This is a practical and very durable option for a braid because it could last for months and still remain intact.


No matter the length of your hair, a braid could be incredibly sexy and elegant and give a complete end to your vision, whether you are going to work or have a special occasion or event.


Even if you worry that your hair is not long enough to make your favorite braid, you could always use extra artificial strands that, in addition to extending your hair, will make it look more voluminous and livelier.


Just remember how when you were little, your mother intertwined your hair while it was still wet after bathing and if you slept with the braids overnight, you got wonderful angelic curls in the morning.


To make an original and beautiful braid, nothing else but a pair of skillful hands and imagination is needed. We can safely say that this is the easiest, most effective and hair-friendly hairstyle. This is due to the fact that we do not affect it in any way with appliances like a hair dryer, curling iron or a press, which we know are detrimental to the structure of the hair, especially if used too often.


The internet space is full of numerous video tutorials and braiding weaving techniques. From you is required only desire and dexterity. And some patience, of course.


But enough talk! Let’s give our imagination some freedom.


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