Let’s Renew the Hairstyle with Bangs


Bangs – the best way to revive our hairstyles without changing it radically. Let’s look at some “starry” bangs.
It is hard to find your own bangs. It is almost as hard as choosing your lipstick in the sea of color shades. We are sure that our tips will help you find the right decision for your hairstyle. The main rule is to make an initial evaluation of the proportions, facial oval, forehead height, nose length, hair thickness and even the form of your eyebrows.


Long face – Bangs covering the line of eyebrows. Also voluminous bangs will be suitable for you

Square face – Thinned bangs softening the sharp facial features. Your trump is high hairstyle remembering to leave some free casually falling strands.

Round face –Bangs with slightly thinned ends cut asymmetrically. Straight dense bangs or bangs type “horseshoe” are STRICKLY FORBIDDEN!!!

High forehead – dense bangs will be suitable for you till the line of the eyebrows. Never choose short bangs – they will make your forehead visually even higher.

Low forehead –“baby” type bangs will be suitable for you. Thin strongly your bangs!

Wide cheekbones – Rich long bangs are suitable for you as well longer side strands. Avoid short bangs.

Finally a few useful tips:
The cutting of the bangs should be done while it is wet in order to be even.
When you measure the length remember that after drying your bangs will lift up 1-3 cm.



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