Impeccable hairstyle with a retro hair straightener

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The retro hair straightener is a great tool for styling different types of hairstyles in beautiful waves. Used successfully for both shaping of straight hair in retro hairstyles as well as for the management of lush curls in calm waves. The difference between the standard hair straightener and the retro presses lies in the number of heaters they work with. The retro presses consist of three or two heaters made ​​of different materials according to the particular models and with the different temperature capabilities. They are used mainly for the shaping of beautiful “S” shaped waves that descend naturally around your face and highlight your stylish vision. With the retro presses can easily be styled haircuts that would suit your everyday style as well as formal hairstyles for important events. They are the preferred tool for styling of hair in many professional beauty salons.


The retro press will inspire you to use your imagination and skills in the shaping of your hair. It works quickly, easily and most importantly – very effectively. Simply follow the instructions and tips for use and take a moment to practice with the retro press until you learn the most preferred for you styling techniques. Prepare your hair and the press itself before you start shaping your hair. For this purpose, treat your hair with suitable shampoos, conditioners and serums and apply thermal protection products. Dry the hair very well before you process it with the press. For easier shaping of the locks previously separate them with barrettes, hairpins or “storks”. Then plug the retro press to heat and begin to shape the desired waves.


How are formed the most attractive retro waves with the press?


1. Shape ethereal “S” curves – Once you have separated and prepared the dried hair in strands, start working with the press on each strand separately. The standard retention time of the press on a given section is about 5 seconds. Shape strands with an average thickness of about 6 cm, starting the processing with the press from the roots down to the tip of the hair. Try to use the same technique in the shaping of each strand to achieve incredibly stylish appearance, reminiscent of the retro hairstyles from the 60s of the 20th century. After you finish processing the last strand, use the press on the entire hair at the bottom, to give an impressive finishing effect on the hair. Apply hairspray to secure the final result.


2. Shape large waves with volume – the technique of forming more relaxed and natural looking waves is achieved in a similar way to the “S” shaped curls. The essential difference is in the time that you use the straightener on the previously separated locks. For the desired effect, hold the press over the treated area for 3 seconds instead of 5 After completing the last strand use your hands to shape and give the haircut extra volume. Do not forget to fix with hairspray.


3. Beach curls – Would you like to give a more youthful and unique look to your hair?

Use this technique to form waves that have different shape and style in order to give energy to your overall vision. The beach waves at first appear disordered, so the hairstyles with these curls are perfect for your everyday style as well as for less demanding events. Divide the hair into strands with a thickness of about 6 cm and use the vintage press for about 5 seconds on each section of each strand. Treat mainly the outermost strands of hair. Tilt your head forward so that the entire hair to cover your face and “squeeze” the strands in order to refine the waves with hair mousse or gel. This technique is implemented very easily and is a great way to get practice in working with the press. Secure with hairspray.


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