How to Use Hair Conditioner and What You Must Know about It!


Washing your hair with shampoo is an obligatory hygiene procedure that must be done regularly. Faithful companion and assistant to the shampoo is the hair conditioner and it is to be applied after the washing.
Functions of the hair conditioner
The conditioner prevents the hair from tangling and thus facilitates its combing. Except for this, it nourishes and moisturizes the hair, helps the hair return its structure and content and gives it additional shine. The conditioner has also some specific functions. For example, it secures thermal protection from the hot air coming from the hairdryer by covering the hair with an invisible protective film. Another specific function of it is its ability to neutralize the static electricity, which is very important for the winter period when we carry hats, and to protect our hair from the harmful UV rays in the summer.

There are a few types of hair conditioner:
Conditioner in the form of mask – applied to the hair for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed.
Conditioner to be rinsed – rinsed 2-3 minutes after its application.
Conditioner without rinsing – applied on the hair after washing and not rinsed.
Choosing your hair conditioner
The conditioner just like the shampoo must be chosen depending on the type of your hair. There are conditioners for dry, normal, greasy, mixed, dyed, and damaged hair. It is recommended that the conditioner and shampoo used to be of the same company. If you use shampoo of a certain company and a conditioner of another, it is possible that the components in them are different and incompatible with each other. If you choose an improper conditioner, you could get the opposite of the desired effect and your hair could lose its shine and volume, and your scalp could be covered with a layer of sebum. Among professional lines, the most effective are the cosmetic hair products of Wella, Londa, and Schwarzkopf. Worthy competitors are the products of the middle class companies – Nivea, Dove, Garnier, Pantene, and L ‘Oreal.
Proper use of the hair conditioner
The conditioner is applied on wet and clean hair without applying it on the roots. The period for which the conditioner should be left to act is shown on the package and must be kept. If you leave the conditioner to act longer than prescribed, the surface oxidizes, which stimulates the oil glands and the scalp will quickly cover with a layer of sebum.
Ingredients of the hair conditioner
The composition of the conditioner contains acidic ingredients (our grandmothers used vinegar, citric acid or lemon juice). Various ethereal oils, plant extracts, natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals are included as additional components. Also the conditioner may include reflective particles and UV filters to protect the hair during the summer.
What we should pay attention to when buying conditioner
The hair conditioner must have a slightly perfume scent, but it mustn’t be strong in any way. If it doesn’t smell pleasantly, do not buy it. The consistency of the conditioner should be homogeneous and pasty, if it is too liquid it means that the conditioner is not reliable. Just like any other cosmetic hair product, the conditioner has an expiration date and when buying one you should pay attention to it.


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