How to Proceed When Washing Your Hair?

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Hair washing demands great attention. It is not simply a procedure for clean hair. Before starting to wash your head, it is good to comb it. Then dampen it under running water with temperature not more than 1 degree over the body temperature or about 37,6°С. Wash it twice and rub with shampoo, so that you can remove all the dirt and dust. Shampoos labeled “Universal” or “For all hair types” are absolutely forbidden. Such a tool will rather dry your hair and scalp than wash it. Your shampoo must conform your hair type, clean the skin without irritating and drying it. You don’t need to use much shampoo in order to achieve this.
Greasy hair
Oily hair is caused by the hard work of the fatty glands, which are located directly in the hair follicles. After contact with each other, the hairs spread oil on the surface of the hair. Reducing the excess activity of the fatty glands is impossible, that is why greasy hair should be washed often in order to not cling fast. Dry shampoos are suitable for such hair.
Dry hair
If you have dry hair, you should first wash it with a soft shampoo and then put balsam for dry hair. Sometimes, this hair type is better to be treated with very greasy soap and not hot, but rather just warm water.
This type of hair should be cut regularly to get rid of the brittle ends; otherwise they start to split and get an unhealthy appearance. The condition of the hair and skin of the head often is quite different – the skin is oily, and the hair is dry. This is mostly due to the frequent washing that dehydrates it.  Whenever both the skin and hair are very dry, treatment with warm plant oil is recommended. It greases the skin surface and hair and simultaneously does not allow the evaporation of water and thus restores their natural moisture. Heated olive oil is rubbed into the skin, to the hair roots, and then the head is covered with a towel, and washed in an hour with a shampoo for dry hair.

Soft hair
It is especially important to regularly use balsam for this hair type because it protects from the occurrence of static electricity, and for this reason the hair does not electrify and it also helps for adding volume to the hairstyle.
Mixed type hair
Hair that is greasy on its base, but has dry and brittle ends, can be result of frequent washing or improper shampoo. Use softer shampoos, on the basis of active cleansing agents that clean the hair and don’t dehydrate the skin of the head. After washing, apply balsam but only to the ends in order to reduce their dryness.
The frequent washing must depend on how often the hair gets greased and dirty. Modern shampoos allow washing your hair using them as often as you want, even every day, but in such cases you have to use ones for everyday use.
After washing tilt your head forward and gently squeeze the hair with your hands. Dry it with a towel and then make a turban. In a few minutes, take it off and if possible leave the hair to dry naturally. Before drying it with the hairdryer, apply styling mousse or a special antistatic agent. Thus you will protect it from the hot air-blast, make it easier to shape and give it volume and shine. Important detail:  in order to not make it too dry, hold the hairdryer at least 15 cm away. Directing the air-blast from the roots toward the ends, your hair will remain shining.

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