How to Keep Your Hair Vivid in the Winter

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Nourishing is mandatory Fight against dry like straw hair with the help of a good conditioner. If the ends are dry, rub them with nourishing products and above that put some spray. It will soften them and additionally strengthen them.y Treat your hair this way at least once a week until it returns its flexibility, strength and shine.

Protect the roots The famous hairdresser Richard Ward advises to use nourishing and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to restore the moisture in your hair. He says: „Apply foam from the middle of the hair to the roots and section off strands, so that you blow each area only once. Always hold the dryer slightly downward in order not to attach the roots directly with the hot blow”.

Less shampoo It sounds incredible, but the air is dryer in the winter than in the summer. Combined with the central heating, it is destructive for your hair. For this purpose, you have to „switch” on to a moisturizing shampoo that protects your hair from drying or at least to choose nourishing styling products. The simplest way is to not wash your head very often. And if it irritates you, try to give it just another day without washing it. Put less shampoo and don’t use the hairdryer if possible.

Taming of the wayward strands When the hair is dry, combing will electrify it, and the resulting rubbing and static electricity makes it stick out in different directions. A feeling of disability to manage the strands appears which however doesn’t look beautiful. Unfortunately, this is a common problem even for the strongest hair. The solution – use a quality spray after you make your hairstyle. It will help you smooth your hair that denies to be tamed and to put into order the longer hair.

Control the wild bangs Bangs often need correction to obtain the shape desired. Apply some small quantity of gel or special cream on half dry hair before waving it with the iron or curling it.

Beat the humidity – If your hair gets wet at the first drops of rain, use means to “impregnate” it and repel the humidity. For short hairstyles, gel and foam are quite enough. The long hair is saved by making a braid, bun plus gel or foam for shaping and keeping the curls at place.

Drink more liquids Mainly water. Our organism consists of 70 % water. That is why we must water the dried hair from the inside. Drink not less than 8 glasses of mineral water every day. It is sad, but tea, coffee and alcohol have dewatering effect on our body. So remember to drink a glass of water every time you spoil yourself with any of these drinks.

Keeping a dietDo not overexcite about too much on sweets and fat and heavy products that are disastrous for the hair. Proteins and some fats are needed for the hair growth. So include in your menu more dairy, fat fish (sardines, sprats, mackerel), wheat germ, vegetable oils. Supply your organism with the necessary quantities of zinc, iron, vitamins B, C and E, which are contained in fruit, fresh vegetables, pasta from firm and black grains and raw rice.


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