How to Keep the Hair Color Longer

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Whenever you decide to make some change in your look, the easiest thing is to change the color of your hair, which even does not demand much time. This is easy, but it is much more difficult to keepthe  beautiful color for a long period of time. Yes, the first two weeks your new color looks simply incredible. But in a while, the strands become lifeless, sagging, and there is no trace of the bright color.

This is not surprising: there are chemicals that penetrate in the hair structure, destroy the natural pigments and give the hair a new shade. The skin of the head suffers as well. You may not believe it, but the dye causes damages both during the dying and long after it!
However, we can hardly give up this so favorite for women procedure. Naturally, nothing is better for the health of the hair and scalp than its natural condition. But… beauty requires sacrifices. There is nothing left except for learning how to take care of our dyed hair!
Immediately after dying
If you dye your hair at home, immediately after dying, you have to remove the chemical residues remained in your hair. For this purpose, there are special shampoos and conditioners – there are special products for this purpose in the hairdresser’s salons, and in the packaging of the dyes there is always a package of conditioner for after dying – use it all!
You can also spoil your hair with special balancing Ph for hair.  These masks contain many ingredients for the fast recovery of stressed hair.
The acid basis of the masks assists for stabilizing the color and closing of the hair flakes.
And more: don’t comb rudely your just dyed hair – treat it carefully in order to not tear it.
Everyday care
Your new color requires everyday care. Don’t think that getting the dreamed color you do not have problems any more. All shampoos and conditioners that you are going to use must have the label «for dyed hair».

Of course, it is best to buy conditioner and shampoo of the same producer. This is done because the products will have the same components which will complement and reinforce each other’s actions. So what’s next:
Washing – with shampoo for dyed hair.
Conditioner – it must be of the same series as the shampoo. It will make your hair soft, silky smooth and shiny.
Hair mask – use through several washes – for example, for each third washing instead of the conditioner you can put a mask. It must be ready crème-mask that contains natural oils, plant extracts and vitamins.

Coloring mask or conditioner – there is a variety of products for maintaining the hair color – whenever you notice your color fading and there is a lot of time till the next dying, apply a shampoo, conditioner or mask with coloring pigments – you can find them in every shop, just ask for your color.
Homemade tools – however, it is not needed for you to buy everything from the cosmetics shops. There are many homemade tools to maintain your dyed hair. It is good to rinse your hair at the end of its washing with a spoon of vinegar (lemon or tartaric acid) in a liter of water – the acidic will dilute hair flakes and the hair will become shiny. Sometimes, you may use a yolk instead of a shampoo for washing. Burdock oil – slightly heated, it becomes wonderful means against splitting ends.
A few more tips
Do not dry your hair with too hot blow. Hot air breaks the hair.
Be careful with the accessories – not to break your hair.
Whenever you use a press, you have to mandatory apply a product for thermal treatment of hair.
Pay attention to the quality of the water. If the water is too chlorinated or chalky, use rainy or mineral water or put some water to boil and wash your hair with it.
Never make permanent waving with perm after dying! Except if you don’t want to stay without color or almost without hair. You have to wait for at least three weeks after dying.



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