How to Enjoy Your Beautiful Hair

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In our efforts to give the necessary cares to our hair, we make some mistakes and our hair suffers from them.

1. Everyday washing
The hair needs natural grease and that is why experts advise to not wash it every day, but once in every three days. If you have the feeling of greasy hair on the second day from its washing, use an alternative method – clean the roots with water and dry them with the hairdryer. (Sally Hershberger, CEO of John Frieda/Sheer Blonde)

2. Tying a ponytail
The tying into a tight ponytail breaks the hairs and that is why it is good to change the way of tying every day. If you are used to have your hair in a ponytail it is good to change it every day – one centimeter higher and then start to make it lower and lower. (Richard Marin, stylist of stars)

3. Combing
The dampened hair is easier to comb than the dry, but the pulling damages the hair and scalp. Firstly, comb the ends in order to untangle the knots and then comb along the entire hair length. (Richard Marin, stylist of stars)

4. Brushing
It is enough just to comb or brush your hair to supply it with grease along all strands. However, too long brushing is not only unhealthy, but also can damage the hair and lead to hair loss. (Amy J. McMichael, professor in Dermatology at the University of Northern Carolina)

5. Drying with hairdryer
Dry your hair when it is dampened and not wet. Absorb well with a towel before using the dryer. When you go out of the bathroom, wrap your hair with a towel and leave it like that for five minutes, then give it some air for another five minutes before drying with the hairdryer. (Peter Coppola, creator of hair product line of QVC)

6. Ignoring the scalp
Your hair needs nourishing to be healthy and beautiful. Massaging your scalp with your fingers will stimulate your blood circulation. (Christopher Mackin, hair expert in a salon in New York)

7. Using the wrong brush
The improper brush may destroy your hairstyle and make the hair sticking out. As a rule, the longer the hair the bigger brush is needed. If you want to make volume use a round brush, and for smooth hair – paddle brush.

8. Hair spray
Hair sprays contain polymers that extract the moisture from the hairs. Despite the widespread opinion – polymers, not alcohol, are the ones that dry the hair. Alcohol evaporates fast. (Cherie McMaster, Pantene)

9. Treating dandruff
Treating dandruff with moisturizing products is only a temporary solution as this is a problem of the scalp, not of the hairs. You’d better use shampoo with salicylic acid, zinc, selenium sulfide, tar. (Amy J. McMichael, professor in Dermatology at the University of Northern Carolina).

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