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This spring, the bangs is back on top of popularity. This is not surprising, given the vast amount of stars that flirt with the haircut with bangs. However, be aware that the bangs is able to alter your face almost beyond recognition. As in the good and in the bad sense.


When the bangs is properly selected you become irresistibly attractive, and look friendly and playful. And in case of a hairdresser’s failure you will have to wait months until the hair grows up again.


This spring fashionable are the long, straight and thick bangs. Also the short (they suit oblong faces). The bangs is selected by the face shape, so that its choice is made with a mirror in hand.


For a round face (as of Kirsten Dunst) the thick straight bangs is not the best idea, because it will make the face optically even more wide. It is best to choose a side intercepted long bangs forming a graceful line. The obliquely shaped long bangs suits equally well of the long and short hair.


The heart-shaped face (as of Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson) requires consideration in the choice of bangs, because here must be optically balanced the broad forehead and the lower part that tapers sharply. The asymmetrically sliced bangs gives airiness and draws the attention to the eyes. Such bangs fits both thick and sparse hair.


The oval face (as of Rosario Dawson and Anne Hathaway) seems wonderful with straight, thick bangs, because at its core this facial structure is elongated and oblong. The bangs makes the elongated face interesting and soft. The thick bangs – whether short or long – makes the long face tempting.


The women with a square face (as Helena Bonham Carter and Julianne Moore) frankly should avoid bangs. It makes their face more angular and not at all works for their charm. If you still choose a hairstyle with bangs, it must be either long to the chin, or else just consisting of several strands, casually falling over the forehead.

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