Hair mask with avocado for long and thick hair effortlessly

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Hair mask with avocado for a complete makeover


The hair mask with avocado absolutely possible can deliver you out of all worries associated with the damaged hair.


The transformation is 100% since for the making of the mask will be used only natural products.


Mask for hair with avocado


The main products in this mask are avocado and banana. In order to hesitate no longer, we will reveal that the effect of the incredible mask arrives instantly.


The avocado has exceptional properties which not one or the two women have been able to enjoy.


You will transform your hair from the roots to its tips.


End to the damaged and exhausted hair, which so much torments you and makes you feel not so beautiful. All this ends at this moment.


Hair mask with avocado – instantaneous effect


Products: ½ banana, a tablespoon of honey, one egg, one avocado and 2 tablespoons olive oil. The avocado is peeled and cut into two halves.


To them is added the banana and the spoons olive oil. The products are strained in order to be obtained a thick paste.


To the already finished paste you need to add the egg and the honey and blend again.


Important: Before applying the mask you should make sure that your hair is completely dry. The mixture is placed in a direction from the roots to its tips.


The most generous amount of the mask is placed on the ends since that is where your hair wears out most and begins to tear.

The mixture is enough to act within 10 minutes. When they expire wash your hair with lukewarm water.


The banana is an amazing fruit that prevents your hair from breakage and makes it healthy and strong. The avocado in turn serves to an increase in the growth.


The olive oil makes the hair healthy and shiny. The honey contributes to the softness and luster of your great haircut.


The hair mask with avocado satisfies even the most discerning taste of the ladies. Try and convince yourselves in its excellent effect.



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