Dry Hair – How to Fight It?

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Before taking any measures against dry hair, firstly we have to find the reason for it. To avoid the dehydration of your hair it is not necessary to wash it often. This may even have the opposite effect – shampoos are often the enemy number one. Other factors are the sun, wind, chemicals (most often dying), the hot flow of the hairdryer, press or curling iron. Dry hair may even be genetically determined.
The scalp produces natural oils that nourish the hair and make it silky and healthy in appearance. Reducing the quantity of these natural oils dehydrates the hair and deprives it from shine. No matter what the reason is, dry hair needs treatment in order for it to recover its health.
Shampoos not only clean the hair, but often they deprive it from the necessary natural oils. If you have dry hair, wash it once in 2-3 days or as rarely as possible. When you wash it, focus on the roots and scalp, but avoid rubbing the strands and ends. Always use special shampoos for dry hair, better to be ones containing humectants (moisturizing elements). Additionally, pay attention to the labels and choose shampoos with low content of pH, as the ones with rich content or balancing the level of pH often extract the moisture from the cuticles.
Balsams are often the key to deal with the dry hair. You must never miss putting on balsam. In the winter leave it to act for 3 minutes before rinsing, and in the summer 1-2 minutes are enough. Compared to the shampoo, balsam is applied along the length of the hair, but you have to avoid the roots and scalp. It is recommended to comb your hair when you apply the balsam, so that it spreads on all the strands. When rinsing, use maximum cool water, as this will close the cuticles.
Drying and styling
Among the main causes for dehydration are the devices (and cosmetics) for drying and styling. Leave your hair to dry in the air any possible time and only absorb the water with a towelt. When you need a special hairstyle, note that the plastic foam rollers and cylinders are the friendliest to your hair. When you put gel or foam, be careful for them to be suitable for dry hair and to contain moisturizing elements. Very suitable are products with fruit extracts and natural oils like almond and linseed oil.

Protection from outside influence
The sun hat as well as swimming hat will protect your hair from the aggressive influence of rays, salt, and chlorine. After swimming, use a shampoo protecting from chlorine.
Dry hair most often has splitting ends. Cut the ends every 6 weeks to protect your hair from the visual signs of dehydrating.
Some tips to deal with dehydrating:
Aromatherapy makes wonders. Make an easy mask applying some drops of aroma oil (mix lavender or sandalwood oil with soybean or sesame oil) on dampened hair. Cover with a towel and leave to act for 15 minutes. Rinse.
Food is also important. Include in your diet food rich in Omega-3 like fish. Take linseed oil as an additive or flavor with it potatoes and popcorn.


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