Do you dye your hair?

The highest percentage of the respondents in our survey like sufficiently their natural color


We asked: Do you paint your hair? We were interested to know how many of you like enough what nature has given them. And how many themselves prefer to define their appearance without regard to the opinion of genes and destiny in this matter.


Here are the results:


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It is important to note the following fact: the highest percentage (29.4%) of the respondents – over 3,500 women responded that they do not dye their hair and do not believe soon to resort to such exhausting for the hair measures. Congratulations to the natural girls!


Almost the same, however, is the number of those of us who like themselves more in a color different than the natural shade of their hair. So 28.7% of the voting readers use paint.


The ladies that indicate white hairs as the main reason to dye their hair make up 23.2% of the respondents in the survey.


10.4% of the participants did change their color, but at the same time strive to show the friendliest attitude towards their “mane”. For that purpose they choose alternative means for painting like henna and dye without ammonia.


Only 8.2% of you are those who are willing for a change and plan such, but have not yet gathered the courage (or maybe money) to implement it.


That is all on the question of paints and colors in the hair.

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