Details in the Hair Bleaching Process


Bleaching is a process which can lead to hair burning and the final result can be startling.  It is even harder at home. Especially when your hair is long. The short hair is much easier to bleach and demands less efforts. However, there is an important detail – almost every woman who has decided to bleach her hair has long hair reaching at least just below her shoulders. Such hair is very difficult to be friendly bleached and that is why it must be made in a few stages. The woman is usually unsatisfied after the treating – she expected something she did not achieve.
Many women wishing to become blond actually want to become platinum blond by all means. Purchasing this goal, they spend lots of money, time, nerves, and yet they achieve it. At the same time, they don’t realize that it is not accidental that hair dyes catalogs contain more than just one tone – platinum, but they have a wide range of blond colors.

This is because every person is unique, the skin has its own shade, and the eyes have their own color as well as the eyebrows do. That is why everyone can find his exact color. Bleached-to-white hair-blond can be afforded by young women with perfect faces. Such hair highlights every defect and instead of making its owner more beautiful, it can do the opposite.

Compared to it, strands and mild tones of blond will make the face fresh and except for this, they are much easier to achieve and maintain.

Copper and golden tones of blond give charm and mildness. Many women ignore them, but such colors often cannot be achieved by only one dying.

Copper and golden tones are so easy to achieve!
White hair is related to old age and there is hardly a woman wishing to look older than she actually is. That is why it is better to try a wig in the desired color, take a picture with it, ask your friends for their opinion, and even better – publish it in some internet forum – you can be sure that there people will be uncompromising and will tell you the truth.

Bleaching to white damages the hair. There is no more life and movement in this hair. This hair is very vulnerable, very brittle and fragile. Achieving complete discoloring and removal of all pigments of hair is very difficult and expensive. This is one of the most expensive and hard to achieve colors. Before taking the step toward such dying, think over whether you have the time and means to maintain it.

Except for this, think about your goals – what do you want to achieve with this color – to look sexier, younger, prettier, more modern or to easily find a boyfriend? If your job demands you to be sexy and it is necessary, ok, do it. If you want to be sexy and liked by more men – ok, you can do it too, but bear in mind that blondes are often considered by men to be Barbie dolls and they don’t like them very much… except for sex and fun, but not for a serious relationship.

If you want to be platinum blond and to be taken seriously, then you will have to make more efforts for this. Business ladies rarely dye their hair platinum blond. Even the contrarily – they avoid it and look for mild colors that highlight their eyes and make them look younger, not older.

Blondier does not automatically mean more beautiful. Often it can even be just the opposite.
Playing with blond may make every woman find her exact formula – for example Madonna – at the age of 50, she appears with black roots and numerous yellow shades in her hair. This helps her look younger. However, Madonna can afford to have black roots, but if an ordinary woman does it, she will not be forgiven – people will say this one does not have the money to dye her hair or is sloppy about her appearance while no one will tell anything about a star like Madonna.

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