Care for Dyed Hair


No matter what hair dye you use, it surely contains chemicals and under their aggressive influence the hair changes – it becomes drier at the ends and often more greasy in the roots. Additionally, frequent dyeing deprives the hair from its shine and in order to avoid this, you have to take decent care of it.

It is important how you dye your hair and what products you use later. If you prefer to dye all your hair every time (instead of the roots only), then make it once per 4-6 weeks.
If you dye your hair with a color which quite differs from your own, you have to be aware that only in 2-3 weeks you will have a contrasting path which you have to take care of.

Before dying your hair, make a nourishing mask. Thus, the color will “fix” easier and will be more lasting, and except for this it will keep your hair softer and silky.

After dying, use a special shampoo and balsam for dyed hair. Their ingredients take care of the health and shine of your hair. Their aim is to nourish and hydrate your hair and supply it with important substances, thus preventing it from drying and splitting ends.

Additionally, another feature of these products is to keep the color of the dyed hair, making it last longer and storing its brightness. The formula of shampoos and balsams for dyed hair is created especially to take care of the treated hair, to revive the color and heal it.

If you deprive your hair from such care, the water will wash away the color more quickly and your hair will look dryer and unmanageable.



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