Blond, Brunette, or Red-haired?

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We choose the color of our hair according to our complexion. It is not a problem nowadays to become blond, brunette or red-haired. There is a great variety of cosmetic products that you can use for the purpose – foam, dyes and coloring shampoos.
Of course, you can choose whatever you like – blond today, red-haired tomorrow, but at the beginning you have to hear the specialists’ advice.
They advise to choose a hair color and style according to your complexion. There are two basic types – warm and cold.

Warm type – the skin is with golden or peach shade. Brown, amber or dark green eyes. The hair that Mother Nature gifted to them is copper, dark blond or brown. For this type of complexion it is recommended to have hair dyed in red, golden-sunny, or walnut color. All shades of pale or ashy brown would look unnatural and will increase the visual age.





Cold type – women of this type have white or pink skin. Eyes – grey-black, dark brown, blue, grey-green. The hair is ashy or with cold tones of raven- black.
These ladies should avoid bright golden-rufous and golden-red shades. It is better to choose blond, light brown with silver shades as well as black, red (burgundy, mahogany, red pepper).
They have to be careful because the black color visually increases the age, and platinum blond shades like of Marilyn Monroe highlight even the smallest defects on the face.

How can we keep the color and most importantly the strength of our hair?
Hairs that are being permanently dyed become dry and lose their shine.
In order to keep the golden shades of your hair you can use a decoction of chamomile. Boil a tablespoon of dried chamomile blossoms and leave them for a while in a cool place. After washing your hair, rinse with this decoction. In a few such rinses you will find out that your hair is silky and soft. Fair hair may also be treated with lemon and citric oil that are natural brighteners and also eliminate the brittleness of the hair.
If you want to give your hair a golden shade you can rinse it with a decoction of onion leaves. You have to repeat the procedure a few times to obtain the desired effect.
The problems of the dark hair are significantly less. Practically, all types of hair masks, nourishing tools and shampoos are suitable for it. Brown hair can be treated with a decoction of rosemary. Several branches are covered with boiling water, then are leaved to cool and poured abundantly on the hair. You can replace the rosemary with peals of green walnuts.


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