Attractive with Messy Hair

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Let your hair to its own sensual whims and caprices, let it be hot tousled hair!

For slightly wavy hair

Step 1: The hair must be a bit dampened. You can wait until it gets almost dry after the shower or to dampen it by yourself by spraying it with water.

Step 2: Apply light gel along the whole head.

Step 3: Gently go through your hair with the fingers of your both hands and at the same time twist selected ends around your forefinger – due to the gel, these parts will keep the shape made.

Step 4: Leave your hair to dry naturally. About half an hour must be enough.


For curly hair: neat curls

Step 1: The hair must be a bit dampened. Mix equal parts of oil for shine and holding gel in your palm.

Step 2: Pull your hair with both your hands from the scalp to the face, at the same time gently massage your head in the area of the scalp with your fingers.

Step 3: Now shake your head allowing your hair to divide naturally; you can help it, but only with fingers – the usage of a comb is not allowed as you are not going to like the strict straight lines that will be formed.


For straight hair: kind of rock-and-roll roller

Step 1: Wash with a shampoo and apply a light conditioner; dry your hair with a towel until it is slightly damp.

Step 2: With your left hand pull random small strands of hair, about 5 cm in diameter, which then wrap around two fingers of your right hand. The forefinger and the middle finger are probably the most suitable ones.

Step а 3: After you have curled your hair, apply some volume spray. Move out your fingers carefully and you are ready for the next roller.

Step 4: If you wish you can pin every strand to be tighter and leave your hair to fix for about half an hour.


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For long hair: Hot wild bun

Step 1: Use fixing gel on damp hair and dry with the diffuser. In case that your hair is very straight, try a few hot rollers to obtain the look needed for this hairstyle; just roll halfway the rollers in sections of 7 cm each.

Step 2: Lift well the tousled hair back in a ponytail and tie with an elastic strip. Use your fingers instead of a comb or a brush in order to give more volume.

Step 3: Depending on the quantity of hair that you have to proceed, divide your ponytail to four, five or six parts.

Step 4: Roll each of the parts (imagine that you are winding a ball of yarn), until a ball-like flower shape. Pin the ends.

Step 5: Finish your hairstyle spraying with hair spray.


For short to middle-long hair: light flirting

Step 1: Skip washing with a shampoo for the day, so that your hair remains a bit more plastic. If it is too greasy put some powder on the scalp and make some massage.

Step 2: With the help of a special capped comb divide your hair into sections of 3-4 cm, starting from the top of your head.

Step 3: While holding the section of hair still, put the comb in the middle of the sector selected from the underside of the hair, and start moving the comb along the fibers, so that you dishevel the surface layer instead of smoothing it. Four tousled strands of the top of the head falling toward the face should be enough.

Step 4: Using your fingers, arrange the tousled strands so that they go backward and hold them with 2 pins having your hair color.

Step 5: Fix with a single spray of hair spray.



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