Apples for the hair – total transformation for a healthy mane

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The apples give a new look to the hairstyle


To give a completely new look to your hair, aim towards making the appropriate masks. One of them turns out to be the mask with included apples in its composition.


The apples are extremely useful not only for the health but also for the perfect appearance. This time you will witness a total transformation in the appearance of your hair.


Apples for the hair can use all the women with pronounced hair problems. One of the most common nowadays is that of the hair loss.


Apples for the hair – a real miracle for pennies


Apples are affordable fruits. They are found everywhere, they are delicious and amazingly helpful. Only for pennies will change your vision and will enjoy positive results without the help of professional hairdressers. It is time for a total change – are you ready for it?


Composition of the apples


The apples are rich in C, A, B, and E vitamins. Iron, manganese, copper, potassium and sodium are found in their composition. Thanks to all these unique ingredients, your exhausted hair will get a whole new look. We recommend that you try a truly magical mask. With its help you will get rid of the hair loss and you will regain the vitality and shine of your hair.


Hair mask with apples


You will need half a cup of lemon juice (necessarily freshly squeezed), a grated apple and three tablespoons of apple juice.


The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied first to the roots of the hair. Then spread the mixture along the entire length of your hair.


Put on a nylon cap and stay that way for the next half hour. Then wash it off with a mild shampoo. The mask is done once every week. Continue doing the procedure in the next 2 months and you will get beautiful and healthy hair almost for no money.

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