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Blond strands give the face freshness; make it look younger and more beautiful. They established themselves permanently, they haven’t gone for so many years out of fashion, and it looks like they are set to become a timeless classic.

Who are they suitable for?                                                                

If you want to give your hair a brighter color, they are perfect for you. You will not have to dye your entire hair neither dye your roots every 3 weeks.

If you want to be blond but you are not brave enough. The blond strands are perfect for this. If you don’t feel comfortable with platinum and know that you will not feel well in the role of a seductive blond – make yourself strands.

The strands are a good solution for adult ladies as they cover the white hairs and give a younger look.

Who are they not suitable for?

If your hair is black it is better to give them up. You will have to go through a very strong treatment of your hair to achieve the necessary lightening, and sometimes, the contrast is not very successful.

If your hair is too damaged. Strong discoloring agents are used for the making of strands and this will further damage your hair, so give them up at least for a while.


Give up the idea to make blond strands at home or to ask a friend for help. Strands made at home are visible from kilometers. Trust a hairdresser – he/she will decide what method to use and what blonder to apply. In many cases, it is better to make additional coverage of the strands to achieve the desired shade.

Additional care

Part of your hair has been subjected to aggressive treatment. In this case, it is better to nourish your hair with a mask for dry hair and to cut it if it was damaged by the procedure.


It is necessary to renew your strands after a certain period of time when the roots grow out. This period is individual and depends on the hair growth speed. You can ask your hairdresser to only make additional refreshment on the upper layer of your hair.


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