Which vitamin is most useful for the hair

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Have you ever dreamed of long and healthy hair? Yes, then you should take vitamins for hair growth, they accelerate not only the growth but also make the hair thicker and healthier.


As you know, the lack of vitamins immediately reflects the condition of our hair, it becomes dry, the delicate hair follicles “go to sleep” and the hair does not grow.


Which vitamin is most useful for the hair?


It is therefore important to use the necessary vitamins for hair in the correct amounts. In this article we will look at what vitamin is good for the hair growth and in which foods it is contained.


For faster growth of the hair and good appearance, our hair needs vitamins B, E, A and C. These are the best vitamins for hair.


  • Vitamin A or retinol – makes the hair elastic, restores the hair structure, and stops the hair loss. It is in the yellow and green fruits and vegetables, butter, egg yolk, liver, fish, carrots, gooseberries, apricots.


  • Vitamins of B group – they are responsible for the hair growth as well as the hair to become shiny and healthy. Vitamin B12, B6 and B1 accelerate the hair growth, B2 makes it healthy, B5, B3 are necessary for the growth of the hair follicles, B8 prevents the falling and B9 helps in the hair loss and graying. These vitamins are found in the cereals, nuts, eggs, carrots and beans.


  • Vitamin E – also a good vitamin for hair growth that improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood. This vitamin is essential for those who want long hair. It is found in vegetable oils, seeds and nuts.


  • Vitamin C – also responsible for the hair growth and helps to avoid the hair fall, as perfectly stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the hair follicles. Foods that are rich in this vitamin are cabbage, citrus, pepper, currant and kiwi.


  • Biotin or vitamin H – very beneficial vitamins for the hair growth, also strengthen the hair texture. They are contained in legumes, nuts, soybeans, oats and brewer’s yeast.



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