Tips for Irresistible Hair

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In order to have beautiful hair, the care for it is required and there are some special tricks for its easier maintenance.

1. Nourishing
The hair can’t look well if it lacks some important substances. Use hair conditioner suitable for your hair type at least twice a week.

2. Watch out for quantity
Some hair products can be rinsed hard and thus glue the strands in your hair. And this for sure will not make it shiny. More shampoo and conditioner doesn’t mean better, neither faster action.

3. Do not ignore the hair masks
It doesn’t matter whether you’ll buy a mask for your hair type or you will prepare it at home, masks can make wonders with your hair. Use a hair mask every week or at least twice a month.

4. Cold tricks
When you wash your hair, finish with a last rinse with maximum cool water.

5. A tip
When you don’t have time for special nourishing care,  dissolve a spoon of honey into four cups of water and rinse your hair with it.

6. Eat iron
Iron is very good for your hair. It is mandatory to include in your diet rich in iron foods – fish, meat, eggs, lentil, beans, spinach, nettle, nuts, green vegetables, whole grain products.

7. Hot oil for hair
Hair oils give additional quantity of vitamins and minerals by nourishing it deeply.

8. Vitamin Е
Use shampoos and conditioners containing vitamin Е.

9. Classical approach
The mask of two eggs and a spoon of mayonnaise has absolutely proven effect. You have to know two things – it does not smell very nice, that is why you should not make it before important events or meetings and NEVER RINSE THE EGG MASK WITH HOT WATER! – this will boil the egg and will cause you big trouble with the tiny white pieces in your hair.

10. Lemon juice
For super shine, apply lemon juice on your hair, leave it for 20 minutes and rinse.

11. Avoid the hair-dryer
Whenever possible, always avoid drying your hair with hair-dryer, the hot stream dries it and kills its shine.

12. Almond oil
Apply almond oil on your hair in the evening before going to bed and put on a plastic cap. In the morning, your hair will be healthier and shinier.

13. Water
When you don’t supply your body with enough water, this influences your hair too. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

14. Varnish
Whenever you need extra brilliance for a special occasion, just use a glitter hair spray.



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