Three ways to strengthen your hair with nettle

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We all know that the cosmetics in the cosmetic stores for hair and body contain a large number of chemicals that sometimes may be harmful to our health. It is always better to turn to the natural products and homemade recipes when you have a problem with your hair and not only then. There are also many ways to bring back the strength and shine to your hair with natural products.

It is known that due to its high content of iron, carotene and vitamins from group B, the nettle acts extremely well to our hair. It is widely used in recipes for the treatment of skin diseases, which makes it suitable not only for strengthening the structure of the hair itself, but also to strengthen the scalp. To know exactly how to use it, see the following recipes.


Aqueous extract of nettle – with 1 cup of boiling water pour 1 tablespoon dried and comminuted nettle leaves. After an hour strain the decoction. While your hair is clean and slightly damp, rub into your scalp the obtained brew. You can make this procedure 1-2 times a week.


Decoction of nettle and burdock – 2 tablespoons dry grated burdock root and 2 tablespoons of nettle leaves pour with 2 tea cups of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Brew for 15 minutes and strain. Use the liquid for rinsing after washing your hair, then let it dry by itself.


Tincture of nettle – wash several times fresh nettle leaves, the last wash do with boiling water. Mash them well or grind them, then pour tenfold greater amount of alcohol. Close them tightly in a glass bowl and leave in a dark place. After 1 week drain, as squeezing the herb well. The finished tincture use for rubbing of the scalp 1-2 times a week.

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