The most current prom hairstyles for short hair

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It is not necessary to have the mane of Rapunzel to look irresistible at the prom


Just a few days remain until the start of the upcoming line of balls. And to make sure that all graduates among our readers will feel sufficiently beautiful and euphoric in the brilliant festive night, we will present various tips that can “save the situation” with the vision at the last moment.

The present material we dedicate especially to those young ladies who prefer to keep their hair short, but also want to look irresistible in the “the night of the princesses.”


  1. The vintage charmer

This is the iconic hairstyle of the elegant ladies and actresses from the 20s and 30s of last century. Nowadays we have seen Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, Charlize Theron, Christina Aguilera and other world celebrities to choose this particular hairstyle for glamorous events. You can also follow their example, if you have an oval, heart or certain types of square shaped face.

How is it done? Generally speaking, you should comb your hair with gel for strong hold, while it is still wet. After that make a way to one side and begin fighting to achieve the characteristic vintage curls.


  1. The prom fairy

The short, almost boyish hairdo type “fairy” is particularly topical at the moment. We said “almost boyish” because it is suitable for girls with expressed feminine and delicate features. The short hair makes them look even more fragile and elegant. However, if you think this hairstyle is not sufficiently spectacular for the special night, do not be afraid to decorate it with a tiara, hair band or shiny hairpins.


  1. The twisted bun

A classic hairstyle for a ball, with which a short haired girl in nothing shall be any inferior to her classmates with lush manes, arranged for the event as flower baskets. Here are the three easy steps towards the beautiful twisted bun:


  1. Spray the still damp hair with spray for curls and then crumple it.
  2. Make a way to one side and transfer the hair over the forehead.
  3. Wrap it up and pinch with hairpins behind the ear. After that collect everything else in a casual disheveled bun and secure it tightly with an elastic band.


  1. The good old bob

Again is very topical the combination of thick equal bangs and straight dark hair with length about the chin – in the style of Uma Thurman from “Pulp Fiction” and the typical for Jessie J vision. If even the mention of those two names does not make you perceive the haircut as crazy enough, you can always dye the hair ends or certain strands in a bright color. And why not in several colors – these experiments are particularly fashionable.


  1. The funky solution

For the most courageous and joyful minded ladies who know how to stand out, have fun and do not give a rat’s penny for public opinion, we recommend a hairstyle as of Pink or Miley Cyrus. In it also can be imported different colors.



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