The hairstyles that make us look older

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We offer you several different haircuts which you should avoid unless you want to add another year to your age.

The hairstyle is extremely important for the appearance of a woman. It provides a framework of the face and its form and color could soften the sharper features and highlight the beautiful ones. But the incorrectly selected hairstyle often has an unpleasant property. Namely to make us look older.


Completely flat line


When the hair is cut in layers, it moves more easily and gives the impression of more vitality, since in this way the bottom half has no additional burden. Moreover, the sharp lines emphasize the wrinkles, while the finely flowing layers soften the features.


Too much styling products


The more products for shaping and fixation of the haircut you use, the greater is the chance to look older than you really are. This happens because the gels and lacquers take away the natural shine of the hair. However, if your hair is very thin and you want to give it volume and density through products, bet on a light mousse or serums that are silicone based.


Fully bleached hair


Over time, the skin begins to lose its natural color and acquires a cold, and even sometimes grayish hue. The platinum blond hair in turn highlights just those hues and makes the skin even more prematurely old. Instead, try to paint your hair in a warmer color with copper and gold shades.


Very dark or black hair


The dark hair has the capability to emphasize imperfections such as dark circles and wrinkles, especially when the complexion of the skin is paler. If you insist on the dark shades, soften the haircut by combining separate lighter strands around the face or experiment with the popular ombre effect.


Dry hair


Over the years, the hair begins to lose its natural pigment and therefore becomes dry. To avoid this effect, trim the tips regularly and nourish your hair with oils, rich masks and serums. Be careful with the choice of shampoo. Prefer such with low or no content of sulfates suitable for frequent use, and why not baby shampoo. Necessarily limit and the use of hair press and hairdryer.

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