The Food Contributes for Beautiful Hair


Together with all the care and cosmetics, food plays significant role for the beauty of our hair.  Here are the top ten foods that influence significantly the hair structure.

1. Salmon
This seafood is a real gift to the vitality of your hair. Salmon is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, and they are especially important in order to not get dry scalp skin and lifeless hair. Additionally, this high quality protein is also a source of Vitamin B 12 and iron, and is a wonderful choice if your goal is to stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp.
2. Dark green vegetables
Popeye the Saylor does not eat spinach in order to obtain great hair, but if you follow his example you for sure will get this bonus. This vegetable as well as broccoli are an incredible source of Vitamin A and C that your body needs to produce sebum. It acts as natural balsam for your hair too.
3. Legumes
It is good to have legumes, like French beans and lentils for example, as an important part of your menu if you want to enjoy vivid and shiny hair. Except for being extremely rich in protein that supports the faster hair growth, they are rich in iron and zinc. The lack of these substances may make the hairs more brittle. In order to avoid this, eat at least three cups full of any sort of legumes every week.
4. Nuts
Certainly, you are aware of the fact that all nuts are extremely good not only for your hair. The brazil nut is one of the best sources of selenium – very important mineral for the good condition of the scalp. The walnut contains alpha-linolenic acid and omega 3 fat acids that are wonderful for the nourishing of your hair. Just like the almond, butter nuts are a great source of zinc which acts against hair loss.

5. Bird meat
The high quality protein contained in chicken and turkey meat supports the strengthening of the hair and protects it from splitting. Specialists even insist that the lack of enough protein in the organism may reveal in loss of the hair color.
6. Eggs
Speaking about your beautiful hair, it does not matter how you prefer the eggs – boiled or fried, they are some of the best sources of protein that you can find. Now you know how important this is for the vitality of your strands. Additionally, this product is rich in vitamin B 12 which is extremely good.
7. Whole grain foods
If you regularly eat whole grain foods including wheat bread you will supply the necessary portion of zinc, iron and vitamins of the B group to enjoy beautiful and shiny hair. Additionally, whole grain cornflakes is a wonderful choice when you feel energy loss and there are many hours before dinner time.

8. Oysters
We all know that they are a powerful aphrodisiac and they also may take care of your hairstyle. Actually, the key in both cases is the high content of zinc which is a very good antioxidant. If however oysters are not often part of your diet don’t worry! You can take zinc from whole grain foods and nuts as well as from beef and lamb that are a wonderful source of this microelement.
9. Low fat dairy
Low fat dairy are rich in … calcium, of course! And it is very a important mineral for the hair growth. They are also rich in whey and casein – two high quality proteins.
10. Carrots
They are an excellent source of vitamin А which helps for strengthening the head skin. Having nourished and shiny hair depends on the good scalp functioning.

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