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The stylizing products for hair can save and simultaneously ruin the look of your hair. When you use them correctly they can add to the weak hair more healthy look, to hold the wayward curls and to make the desired shape. The key of the right usage of styling products is to determine correctly the type of your hair, the texture and its condition at the moment. Also it is important to see what modern products for hair are offered in the shops.

Although the foam is used basically for curly and wavy hair, it can be the perfect means and for straight hair- to add shine and density.

The foam for hair can be used for shaping of more precise curls or to add volume to the thin hair. This is valid both for men and women.

In 1980–ies, the foam appeared on the market as means for collecting the flying and damaged hair. Later, agents for shine were added, which make the hair shiny, especially under the lights of night clubs.

Advices for usage:

  1. Applied on wet hair, the foam will secure the smooth and shiny look of your hair. On dry hair, the effect that can be achieved is better control and shape of the hairstyle.
  2. All foams are not equal. Some of them are used before styling with the hair-dryer or curling-iron; while the others are created especially for shaping with fingers. You can discover many different variants with different prices. As the foam is a fairly economic product it is better to invest in more quality products.
  3. The less is better. Avoid using too much foam, not to achieve the opposite effect. The optimal quantity is around as an egg. If you need to refresh the hairstyle, you can apply a new quantity of foam, without adding a heavy look to your hair.
  4. If you have doubt how much exactly to use, begin with less quantity of foam.
  5. To achieve the best effect, always read the instructions on the label. Some kinds require shaking the bottle very well before use.
  6. If your aim is to achieve volume, do not hesitate to use little more quantity of foam in the roots on dry hair. The best of this effect will be achieved with bowed down head. Have in mind that most of the foam types contain a type of resin, which covers the hair with additional layer for achieving volume, especially for very thin hair.
  7. Combine stylizing foam with drying with diffuser. This can be done even at home. Apply the foam on your hair, including the roots. Begin the drying with bowed down head. Pay more attention to the roots of your hair. Lightly crease with your fingers and you will get a good result in shaping of natural curls and waves.
  8. Do not apply foam on hair, which ends are too wet and water drops from them. Swab up the water from your hair with a towel before applying the product. The best act of the foam is on 50- 60 % wet hair.
  9. The foam should be very well distributed on each lock. It should be distributed very well so to avoid bigger quantity of it on one part and less in other. If it is hard for you to apply the foam with hands, you can use a wide comb.

How to choose the appropriate foam among the so many types?

Generally, the foam is a very good product, which can be used on every type of hair, and it is especially suitable for curly, perm or wavy hair. If your hair is from these types, ask in the shop about a foam for stylizing curls. Such foam contains special ingredients.

As every product, this also has its defects. If you use too much quantity of foam, your hair can look stuck and like sticks, if of course that is not your aim.

Furthermore, always take into consideration the extent of fixation of the foam you buy – the market offers very soft and fine foam for hair, as well as with particularly strong hold.

Do not buy the foam blindly but trust the seller and consult with him/her.

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