How to Keep Your Hair Vivid in the Winter

Nourishing is mandatory – Fight against dry like straw hair with the help of a good conditioner. If the ends are dry, rub them with nourishing products and above that put some spray. It will soften them and additionally strengthen them.y Treat your hair this way at least once a week until it returns ...

How to Enjoy Your Beautiful Hair

In our efforts to give the necessary cares to our hair, we make some mistakes and our hair suffers from them. 1. Everyday washing The hair needs natural grease and that is why experts advise to not wash it every day, but once in every three days. If you have the feeling of greasy hair on the second ...

Homemade Cosmetics for Soft Hair

Through available means in your household and with their help, your hair can turn into whatever you want, namely – soft and silky hair. Rinsing with vinegar This is an old and proved technique for soft and shiny hair as the vinegar balances the level of pH. – Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 ...

Hair Problems in the Winter and Their Solutions

Under the influence of the cold air, dry wind, fogs and the sun, our hair gets dryer, loses its shine and vitality. More care

When your Hair Needs Help

Our hair reflects very accurately our health. Various signals for problems with it are indicators for disorders in our general health. Timely measures can help to control such a crisis and the organism to get back to its normal functions.

Hair Care during the Summer Season

Our hair needs care every day. Every season has its specific characteristics that require relevant special care for the hair. If we have to protect it from the wind and cold in the winter, then in the summer, we need to keep it from the burning sun rays (ultraviolet) and dry wind.

For Healthy and Beautiful Hair – Biolamination

Biolamination is a process that covers the hair with a special very thin layer of cellulose from plants. Externally, it is very similar to the dandelion juice. Dyed by this method, the hair gets unusual shine and smoothness. The biolamination operates on the principle of the laws of physics, i.e. positive ...
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