Hair Loss in the Autumn

Have you ever asked yourself why in the autumn your hair not only looks bad, but the hair loss increases? The reason is that in the summer, we are exposed to the sun. Our organism is so projected that the sun rays cause a rush of male hormones. In the summer, we feels a rush of sexual energy – the ...

Quick Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Too many of us are suffering from a bad case of hair loss. The question is – why is this happening to us? It has been noted by scientists that hair fall happens for many reasons. A lot of people suffer from hereditary hair loss, where their genetics is responsible for them losing a lot of hair at ...

Tips for Hair Care from the East

The hair care requires great diligence and persistence. Here are some Eastern beauty recipes that you can use. Figs have healing substances that are content in the dried fruit more concentrated, so it is good to consume them in moderation. Fig’s dried fruit in general strengthen hair. However, in ...

Regular Care against Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very unpleasant and quite stressful factor. It is result of stress, lifestyle and some everyday habits. Do not pull your hair When you pull strands when combing your hair you may damage the follicles for a long period of time. Do not rub

Mesotherapy against Hair Loss

The tendency which comes to the foreground in the fight against hair loss is the mesotherapy.  Everyone panics when faced with this problem – breastfeeding mothers, stressed managers, office workers. Many people hope that mesotherapy will bring back the beauty to their hair. Is it possible? Is this ...

When your Hair Needs Help

Our hair reflects very accurately our health. Various signals for problems with it are indicators for disorders in our general health. Timely measures can help to control such a crisis and the organism to get back to its normal functions.
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