Hair Problems in the Winter and Their Solutions

Under the influence of the cold air, dry wind, fogs and the sun, our hair gets dryer, loses its shine and vitality. More care

Hair Care during the Summer Season

Our hair needs care every day. Every season has its specific characteristics that require relevant special care for the hair. If we have to protect it from the wind and cold in the winter, then in the summer, we need to keep it from the burning sun rays (ultraviolet) and dry wind.

Comb Your Hair Twice a Day

Just like every part of our body needs relevant care, the hair has to be treated right as well.  The regular combing, preferably twice a day, is very important. The irritation of the nerve endings of the skin when brushing improves the blood circulation and helps for the hair growth and also protects ...

Care for Dyed Hair

No matter what hair dye you use, it surely contains chemicals and under their aggressive influence the hair changes – it becomes drier at the ends and often more greasy in the roots. Additionally, frequent dyeing deprives the hair from its shine and in order to avoid this, you have to take decent ...

Care and preparation of the hair for the summer season

The summer is now approaching and everyone starts to dream about the long expected holiday. That is why, dear ladies, you have to take care of your ‘mane”. Within the course of a month before your departure, try to nourish your hair with special vitamin masks, as it will be under the aggressive ...

Beautiful Hair = Beautiful Woman

Plenty of care is needed to keep your hair healthy and shining. Together with the skin, the hair is also a significant part of the woman’s beauty and has to be rightly treated. Follow some simple tips for your hair and make the best hairstyle for your appearance.
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