The Food Contributes for Beautiful Hair

Together with all the care and cosmetics, food plays significant role for the beauty of our hair.  Here are the top ten foods that influence significantly the hair structure. 1. Salmon This seafood is a real gift to the vitality of your hair. Salmon is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, and they are especially ...

Do You Know How to Properly Use Rollers?

How to use the rollers? May be it has happened to you to wonder how to choose the appropriate hairstyle for an upcoming event. And it is even more likely, that you made your hair, but it was not exactly what you imagined.

Beautiful Hair = Beautiful Woman

Plenty of care is needed to keep your hair healthy and shining. Together with the skin, the hair is also a significant part of the woman’s beauty and has to be rightly treated. Follow some simple tips for your hair and make the best hairstyle for your appearance.

About Blond Strands

Blond strands give the face freshness; make it look younger and more beautiful. They established themselves permanently, they haven’t gone for so many years out of fashion, and it looks like they are set to become a timeless classic.

A few Tips for Very Beautiful Hair

There are some simple methods that we have to try before stepping towards drastic procedures such as hair transplant – for example the massage that increases the blood circulation around the follicles and thus improves their nourishing.

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