Straight Hair with Brush and Hair-dryer


Every woman strives to always look unique and to be noticed. So her hair has to be perfect. Straight hairstyles are always modern and every lady strives to have perfectly straight hair using various tools.

Hair straightening iron or just hair straightener – you can call this device as you like, but its purpose is one – to straighten your hair through heating it.

It turns out to be the perfect device, you just go through your hair with the straightener and it is straight. But this method has a serious disadvantage – it is very harmful for the hair.
Unfortunately, when straightening the hair with this method, its inside structure is damaged and it becomes dry and damaged.

Additionally, the hair straightener despite the advertising promises, does not straighten the entire hair. If your hair is vivid and hard, it is difficult to be held between the press plates.

The main question – can the hair be straightened by another method?
First, there are many chemical tools for this. There are agents not only for waving of the hair, but for its straightening as well. However, many of these tools are harmful for dyed hair – different reactions may occur between the dying agents and the straightening tools.

Additionally, if your hair is henna dyed there is no point to try to treat it with chemistry – the henna creates a protective layer on the hair that does not allow reactive substances to penetrate in the hair.
The least harmful method to straighten your hair without damaging it with heat or chemistry is to use a hair-dryer with cold air mode.

The technology is easy – separate a strand of hair, take a round brush and comb the strand from the roots to the ends, and simultaneously dry with the hair-dryer following the same direction. It takes some time, but as a result you get the desired hairstyle without damaging your hair.


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