Seasonal hair loss

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The hair loss is a natural and necessary process in our body. The loss of 50-100 hairs a day shall be considered as normal. There is also a seasonal loss of hair, which is much more harmless than hair loss caused by other factors.

Exposure to sunlight

The seasonal hair loss in women is usually observed in the winter season. During this period, the exposure to sunlight is minimal. As a result, the body produces less melatonin which influences the receptors in the scalp. The lack of synthesis of vitamin D in the body is the main cause of seasonal hair loss in women.


Increased sweating

The seasonal hair loss in men occurs mainly during the summer. From the excessive exposure to sunlight is caused sweating of the scalp, leading to the development of pitirosporum folliculitis. This condition is caused by the development of fungus in the hair follicles. They cause acne and spots on the skin of the head, which leads to severe itching and hair loss. The use of a special shampoo will relieve the condition of the scalp.

Climatic conditions

The seasonal hair loss can be triggered by the presence of harsh climatic conditions. Both in the summer and in the winter season, the hair may be too dry. Therefore it is necessary to take better care of it.

Treatment of seasonal hair loss

Here you will get some tips on how to deal with the normal hair loss:

·  Massage the scalp with lukewarm coconut oil, at least twice a week. Let it work through the night and in the morning wash with a mild shampoo.

·  Avoid stress. It significantly affects the processes that occur in the body and consequently the condition of the hair.

·  Keep the hair care products in an appropriate cabinet. Check the expiry date and whether the ingredients contained in them are suitable for your hair.

·  Avoid hair straightening, dyeing and other ways of treating that damage to one extent or another the hair.

The seasonal hair loss is caused by the change of seasons. Usually after the season is over, the hair regains its healthy appearance. However, if you notice hair loss that lasts for a long time, do not hesitate to seek consultation with a specialist.

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