Rosemary for Long Hair


Every lady desires her hair to be beautiful and adorable. Rosemary is very important for women if they want to have long hair. Mix water and dried rosemary in equal proportions – a cup of rosemary sprig and leaves with a cup of water.
Add this mixture to your shampoo. The proportion is two parts of shampoo and one of the rosemary mixture. Thus with the help of rosemary, you can open the clogged pores on your scalp.
This significantly increases the hair growth. Rosemary is also useful for steaming tea. It is good for the overall body tonus, improves the blood circulation and helps for the hair growth.
Make a massage regularly in order to improve the blood circulation in your head which is a main demand for the fast growth of hair. The head massage stimulates the hair follicles, but only if the massage lasts at least ten minutes and is made every day.
Yoga exercises, for example standing on your head, are also recommended for the recovery of the normal blood circulation and improvement of the blood flow toward the follicles.
Another way to fasten your hair growth is to make a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil and to slightly warm this mixture on water bath. Apply the warm mixture to the hair roots and continue massaging for 3-4 minutes.

Pay attention to what you eat as well. Drink more milk, eat more Brussels sprouts, fruit, and vegetables. These products not only help you hair to grow, but also make it thicker and healthier.
Emphasize mostly on green and yellow fruit and vegetables, they contain lots of beta carotene which is very good for the hair. Biotin is also very important for the hair growth.
This precious element is contained in oatmeal, soya, lentil, beans, walnuts, brown rice, and brewer’s yeast. Once per two months, visit the hair-dresser’s salon. Avoid stress situations and try to go to bed early in order to have enough time for sleep.
Drink lots of water to expel the toxins from your body. All these tips will help you not only make your hair shiny, glossy, healthy, and long, but will improve your health condition in general.


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