Quick Hair Loss Prevention Tips

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Too many of us are suffering from a bad case of hair loss. The question is – why is this happening to us? It has been noted by scientists that hair fall happens for many reasons. A lot of people suffer from hereditary hair loss, where their genetics is responsible for them losing a lot of hair at a particular age.

Other causes include stress, alopecia, malnutrition, a lack of hair care and the usage of products that are not suitable. So, today, let us look at some of the easy to do tips that can stop your hair from falling off.

First of all, identify what is causing your hair to fall off. This can be anything – from a case of alopecia to bad food choices. The hair has to be maintained, and to maintain it, eating right is a must.

Eat a lot of green vegetables and food which is rich in vitamin A, B Complex, D and E. Eating carrots, proteins, minerals and fiber keeps your hair hale and beautiful. Also, drinking a lot of water is pretty necessary. A lot of times the lack of hydration is the cause of hair fall.

Secondly, do make sure your hair is not unduly stressed. A lot of people tie up their hair to prevent it from breaking. However, do you know that tying up your hair too tightly, or tying up wet hair can totally lead to hair fall? Similarly, gone are those days when it was advised to comb your hair a lot of times.

Nowadays it has been found out that combing so many times a day might cause hair fall in people whose hair is fragile. So do be careful with what you are putting your hair through and observe what suits it and what does not.

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