Proper Care for Extended Hair


Lately, extended hair turned to be something quite usual. The types of hair and methods for its placing are many. However, regardless of the way your new hair is put, it needs special care in order for you to be sure that it will be at its best look.

Placing your extended hair is not the end of the entire process. Usually, it takes approximately 14 days until your hair is settled and you get used to the extensions.
If you follow our tips, your extended hair will always be in perfect condition.
Brush your hair only with the special brush recommended by your stylist. Always start from the hair ends and go upward keeping each zone exactly over the spot you are brushing. Brush your hair very well at the roots separating each strand from the others.

For the first washing you have to go to the salon where your hair was placed, so that you will be shown the right technique. After that, you will be able alone to wash and nourish your hair with a conditioner at your home! Here is our advice for you: after applying the shampoo, move carefully your fingers up and down. Avoid circular movements with the fingers as they may tangle or mat your hair. Squeeze gently the shampoo from your hair till the ends and rinse thoroughly. Apply a conditioner to nourish your extensions and comb with your fingers. Rinse well.
Absorb well the wet with a towel to dry your hair. Don’t rub and don’t make circular movements. Carefully dry the scalp zone with the strong flow of the dryer, especially around the connections. Leave the rest of your hair to dry naturally or shape as usual.
To avoid tangling of your hair while you sleep we recommend that you tie it in a loose braid or a tail, but don’t use uncovered rubbers. Some hairdressers recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase in order for your hair not to slide away and tangle.
Your extended hair needs everyday care and maintenance. At least once per day, you have to separate your extensions. Starting from the roots downwards, check if every connection is separate from the natural hair.


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