Professional Straightening of Hair at Home

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With the help of the hair press, we can straighten even the curliest and most disobedient hair.
This way, we can enjoy a new, quite different, modern hairstyle suitable both for every day and special occasions:

Many of us often use thye hair press. How long does it take us to obtain the new vision? For sure, it is not little, especially if your hair is long.
Let us see step by step how can we straighten our hair easily and quite professionally, alone, at home. 
1. The first thing you have to do is wash your hair. Use a conditioner that will protect your hair from the high temperature of the hair press. Except for this, the conditioner will help you to more easily comb your hair.

2. Comb your hair with a comb with wide teeth being careful not to pull and cut it needlessly.
Then with the help of hair clips divide your hair into strands.
If you do not have clips you can use hairpins, barrettes, whatever you have on hand.
The purpose of dividing the hair into strands is to easier straighten it equally strand by strand.

3. Start with the strands from the underside of the hair.
Comb the first strand so that it will be easier for the press to straighten it afterwards.

4. Put the press on the root basis. Lift the strand at angle of 45 degrees and start slowly processing the strand.
Move slowly downwards pulling slightly the strand.
5. You can help yourself with a hair brush when the press reaches the middle of the strand, not to give any chance of the hair to stick out or tuck.

6. The first time, you will hardly make your hair immediately straight. You will have to repeat the process additionally 2-3 times.
When you are ready with the first strand, release the second one from the clip and proceed as follows.

7. Take care the straightening to be equal for both strands. As many times you went with the press through the first strand, so repeat for the second one. Move slowly pulling slightly and help yourself with a hair brush. Be careful for your hair to not electrify and stick in all directions.
When you finish with the second strand, you will have the beginning of your new hairstyle.

8. We continue with the upper strands. The procedure is the same.

9. Process the strands one by one, trying to make them look the same.
When you finish, you will have a new modern hairstyle:
Your hair will be smooth and shiny.

When you have practiced a bit and straighten your hair a few times you will have already worked the habit and will be able to make faster and easier this wonderful, modern style.


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