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Shining Hair for the New Year Night

Start with the Cleaning The hair loses 70 % of its shine due to improper maintenance. The unsuitable shampoo, chlorinated water and bad quality cosmetic tools accumulate in hair flakes. In order to recover your hair, you will have to clean it deeply. The therapeutic shampoo will penetrate deep into ...

Attractive with Short Hair

Just like the long hair and short hair has its magnetism. While not every woman would dare to cut her hair drastically, it should be kept in mind that short hairstyles seem no less, and often are even more feminine than the long curls. And it doesn’t matter how short the hair is – even the shortest ...

Rosemary for Long Hair

Every lady desires her hair to be beautiful and adorable. Rosemary is very important for women if they want to have long hair. Mix water and dried rosemary in equal proportions – a cup of rosemary sprig and leaves with a cup of water. Add this mixture to your shampoo. The proportion is two parts of ...

Regular Care against Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very unpleasant and quite stressful factor. It is result of stress, lifestyle and some everyday habits. Do not pull your hair When you pull strands when combing your hair you may damage the follicles for a long period of time. Do not rub

Proper Care for Extended Hair

Lately, extended hair turned to be something quite usual. The types of hair and methods for its placing are many. However, regardless of the way your new hair is put, it needs special care in order for you to be sure that it will be at its best look. Placing your extended hair is not the end of the ...

Professional Straightening of Hair at Home

With the help of the hair press, we can straighten even the curliest and most disobedient hair. This way, we can enjoy a new, quite different, modern hairstyle suitable both for every day and special occasions: Many of us often use thye hair press. How long does it take us to obtain the new vision? ...

Mistakes We Make about Our Hair

Every woman tries to look unique and fascinating. That is why she makes many efforts and spends lots of money to have hairstyle of high level. Sometimes, in her great strive a woman makes some mistakes about her hair.
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