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Hair Care during the Summer Season

Our hair needs care every day. Every season has its specific characteristics that require relevant special care for the hair. If we have to protect it from the wind and cold in the winter, then in the summer, we need to keep it from the burning sun rays (ultraviolet) and dry wind.

Get to Know Your Hair Closely

The hair is not only hairstyle, but there are many curious facts about its structure. The human hair consists of 50.65% carbon, 20.85% oxygen, 17.14% nitrogen, 6.36% hydrogen, 5.00% brimstone. Additionally, it contains minimum quantities of magnesium, arsenic, iron, chromium and other metals and minerals. ...

For Healthy and Beautiful Hair – Biolamination

Biolamination is a process that covers the hair with a special very thin layer of cellulose from plants. Externally, it is very similar to the dandelion juice. Dyed by this method, the hair gets unusual shine and smoothness. The biolamination operates on the principle of the laws of physics, i.e. positive ...

The Food Contributes for Beautiful Hair

Together with all the care and cosmetics, food plays significant role for the beauty of our hair.  Here are the top ten foods that influence significantly the hair structure. 1. Salmon This seafood is a real gift to the vitality of your hair. Salmon is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, and they are especially ...

Fluffy, Full of Volume Hair

For the ladies with naturally curly and wavy hair – this is the moment to enjoy the fashion trends in the hairstyles. Rejoice – the fluffy, full of volume hair, style 1960s is back! Of course, you have to put it into some order, so that you do not look like you have just got out of bed. Let’s ...

Dry Hair – How to Fight It?

Before taking any measures against dry hair, firstly we have to find the reason for it. To avoid the dehydration of your hair it is not necessary to wash it often. This may even have the opposite effect – shampoos are often the enemy number one. Other factors are the sun, wind, chemicals (most often ...

Do You Know How to Properly Use Rollers?

How to use the rollers? May be it has happened to you to wonder how to choose the appropriate hairstyle for an upcoming event. And it is even more likely, that you made your hair, but it was not exactly what you imagined.
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