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Harmony between hairstyle and figure

It is not important to always keep up to date with fashion. The hairstyle is one of the things that influence the entire vision of a person. The main rule of beauty is harmony, so that when we choose our hairstyle, it is imperative to comply with our size and figure. For example, extremely short modern ...

Hairstyles of the year – Style and Variety

The hairstyles of the year are characterized by the lack of particular limitations. The only thing you have to consider is your hair type and face shape. This fully satisfies inherent for women to express themselves through their hair and their moods through a change. Every change is positive, and the ...

Hairstyle according to the Shape of the Nose

When we choose what hairstyle to make, we have to very carefully consider a few things. The shape of the face is on the first place. For the various types of faces, different hairstyles are suitable and even if we like certain types of hairstyles very much, there is no guarantee that we shall look ...

Hair Problems in the Winter and Their Solutions

Under the influence of the cold air, dry wind, fogs and the sun, our hair gets dryer, loses its shine and vitality. More care

When your Hair Needs Help

Our hair reflects very accurately our health. Various signals for problems with it are indicators for disorders in our general health. Timely measures can help to control such a crisis and the organism to get back to its normal functions.

Hair in Red

Generally, ladies who are natural red-haired are rarity.  But due to chemistry, nowadays they are much more. The range of red colors in the catalogs of dyes is very rich. From dark mahogany to scarlet as well as with shades of purple. Many women choose the range of mahogany and they do not make a mistake. ...

Hair Fixatives

The advantage of the most fixing agents is that they do not demand professional habits. They are convenient for use at home. Styling products make the hair thicker and flexible and prevent from unwanted external influences. Choose products that contain herbal extracts, vitamins (most often pro-vitamin ...
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